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A Novel Design for the Autonomous Line Follower Robot Using Microcontroller PIC16F676

The Autonomous Line follower robot is a mobile machine that can detect and follow the line drawn which is predefined and can be visible black line on a white surface with a high contrasted colour. The Robot can sense the line with IR sensors installed beneath the robot. Data is transmitted to processor by specific transition buses to decide the proper commands and to the comparator and the path will be followed by the robot. The PIC16F676 controlled autonomous robot is designed and tested to encounter real life technical and mechanical problems.
The following paper proposes a new model for line follower robots built using a single PIC16F676 microcontroller and this new model is not in existence before. This new proposed model uses IR sensors to enable the robot to be able to detect its path in the real time operation time, reasonably faster compared to line follower robots of similar types, operational model build with available components on the market and most importantly very economic considering making cost. The arrangement and circuitry design for in this new model is absent in all the other existing models. The technical and mechanical issues and problems also have been investigated
properly for future improvements and modifications.

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