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A Novel Design of E-Textile Integration for Physiological Monitoring and Lighting

This research was to focus on integrating printed textile circuit board, FPCB (flexible printed circuit board), and IC Chips into a fabric for physiological monitoring. This cloth can be used to detect physiological signals such as heart rate, ECG, movement, temperature, and respiration. The main disadvantage of traditional smart textiles remains in the bulk volume of the attached rigid hardware equipment, which makes the user uncomfortable. To overcome this problem, the main idea is to minimize the hardware size, make it compatible with the textile structure and integrate the electronics into textiles directly. The prototype was tested in indoor/outdoor environment. All the physiological data were transmitted into a remote database server and an online monitoring system was used to supervise the physical state of wearer. The main advantage of this design is the new type of conductive junction which is smaller and softer. The size of conductive junction can be tremendously reduced down to 0.5mm*0.5mm compared with the current buckle junction. This novel design of the printed electronics embedded textile technology leads the e-textile physiological monitoring system to a higher tendency of the washable, flexible, stretchable and thin characteristic of the pure textile.

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