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A novel Tidal-Breathing Respiratory Monitoring Device and a study of symptomatic asthmatics during the first month of Corticosteroid treatment

In this presentation we will review the development of respiratory monitors based on tidal breathing, including the technology, the data capture methodology and the data interpretation. We will also look at the factors that can compromise the data itself and identify how these have been overcome. Then we will look at the current state of the two leading devices currently being developed: CRI’s N-Tidal and Redecol’s DHRMS. We will review the use of the devices in clinical studies and focus on the results of a study of symptomatic asthmatics during their first month of corticosteriod treatment (“The device was equivalent to peak expiratory flow in detecting changes to lung function tracked using FEV1.”), together with the results of a methacholine challenge study (“The device was able to detect changes in lung function tracked using FEV1.”) 

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