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A Perspective of Publicizing Fashion Technology and Textile Engineering



Fashion technology is emerging as one of the major sectors leading to greater market potential and career-building options. It involves creativity and scientific experimentation.  On the other hand, textile engineering takes into account the development of clothing from fibers, years, and fabrics. Journal of Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering is an open-access peer-reviewed journal established in the year 2013 publishing different forms of science communications at quarterly issue release frequency. The journal focuses on emerging technologies originating from the latest academic explorations and industrial research. The journal includes a wide range of aspects of fashion technology and textile engineering including designing, manufacturing, finishing, and retailing. The specific topics covered by the journal include fiber, yarn, fabric production, fundamental designing, color theory, textile theory, fabric study, pattern making, garment construction, merchandising, quality control,  chemical processing, manufacture of the garments, printing, and dyeing of textiles, testing of materials as well as braiding, plaiting, and bonding of fibers and recycling. The journal focuses on various properties of fabrics and fibers and their conversion into clothing using advanced technologies including nanotechnology.

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