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A Preliminary Study on Service Innovation Effect on Guest Satisfaction in Kuala Lumpur Hotels

Service innovation is a phenomenon practice for hotels in order to stay competitive in the market. Many studies were carried out to identify the service innovation outcomes and their effects on observed performance in service context but insufficient studies were done related to the guest satisfaction in hospitality industry. Thus, this study was conducted to determine the level of service innovation performed by hotels in Kuala Lumpur and the relationship between service innovation and guest satisfaction. Descriptive self-administered questionnaires were distributed to individuals who are staying in 4 and 5 star hotels in Kuala Lumpur city area by using pick up and drop off with using non probability convenient sampling method. For data analysis, IBM SPSS software version 21 was used. It was found that there were significant levels of service innovation dimensions awareness according to the respondents. Findings of this study showed positive relationship between service innovation and guest satisfaction. Theoretical and practical implication was concluded in the end of this study.

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