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A Rare Case Report of Spontaneously Cell Phone Blast Causing Cerebral Contusion and Complete Loss of Ear and Amputated Fingers

Blast injury are common in war, terrorism, cooking, gas explosion etc. but cell phone blast injury are late and increasingly common injuries these days. It can involve different organs with short term and long term effect including “ripple effect”. Present case a 7 year old boy suffered spontaneously cell phone blast causing head injury and left ear complete loss and amputated left hand fingers. NCCT head revealed multiple hemorrhagic and non-hemorrhagic contusions are seen in left temporal lobe. Patient was managed conservatively. Cell phone blast is more common in Asian countries where non brand batteries with low pricing are commonly used in low income groups. During the last years, terrorist have used cellular phone to remotely activate bombs. People also need education regarding handling cell phone. Present case is only rarest case of Cell phone blast causing internal cerebral injury.

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