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A Retrospective Study of Body Mass Index, Cigarette Smoking and Hypertension, was the Danger of Renal Cell Carcinoma (Yemen)

Aim: We respectively examined the independent relationship of hypertension, body mass index, and cigarette smoking with the danger of renal cell carcinoma in the middle of males and females.
Methods: The recorded of 30 patients who underwent radical nephrectomy between February 2018 to September 2019.
Results: In a retrospective study (file of patients) the average age was 43.4 years. In women 14% described a history of hypertension, 26% were smokers and BMI was 25 kg/m2 in 28.0% and 30 kg/m2 in 8.1% of the patients. In males 12% described a history of hypertension, 41.8% were smokers and the BMI was 25 kg/m2 in 52.5% and 30 kg/m2 in 7.8% of the patients. We confirmed the diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma in 16 females and 14 males alternatively, our pathology the common of cases were defined as strong cell carcinoma (60%), papillary cell carcinoma (15%) and unclassified (25%).
Conclusion: Identification of hypertension, developed BMI and increasing pack-years of cigarette smoking perform to independently grow the danger of renal cell carcinoma and also renal cell carcinoma more communal in females because of hypertension and obesity more in the females.

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