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A Review on Plasma and Resin Treatment for Textile Materials

The garment industry has gone through several improvisations in the area of finishing. Several finishing techniques have been developed and researched upon and it is never-ending. Among this plasma and resin, treatments are one of the majorly known finishing techniques. Plasma treatment is majorly used for improving the surface characteristics of textile materials. The properties and effects of the textile substances that are increased through this treatment embody adhesion, wettability, protection, biocompatibility, chemical affinity/inertness, anti-wear, and sterilization. Whereas resin (wrinkle-free finishing) is broadly used in the textile materials such as cotton to impart a wrinkle-resistance to the fabrics as well as the garments. But there is a major concern involving the resin finishing technique that is there could be a considerable amount of decrease in the abrasion resistance and strength of the finished fabric. In this study, various types of plasma and resin treatments and their effects on textile material are discussed.

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