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A Steady State Solution Method for HIV/AIDS Model for the Assesment, Monitoring, Control and Evaluation of Confirmed Status with Vertical Transmission in Nigeria

HIV is a deadly virus transmitted either through having of unprotected sex, mother to child transmission, sharing of unsterilized objects that is capable of making cut or wounds on the body or blood or bodily fluid transmission. AIDS has no permanent cure but remedies that help in suppressing the power effect of the virus are available. Previous studies show that the epidemic claimed more lives via vertical transmission, mother-to-child transmission, blood transfusion, and sexual intercourse, injection drug users. The associated models were derived using diagnosis and treatments records of confirmed status of HIV/AIDS clients. A new model analyses were proposed that could handle cases of HIV/AIDS routes of transmission and treatments via vertical, mother-to-child, blood transfusion, sexual intercourse, injection drug users that were not considered in previous studies. The new model was solved using Steady state. The new model is a major contribution for optimal assessment, monitoring, evaluation, control and management of HIV/AIDS.

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