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A Study of the Product and the Factors that Influence Decision-Making and Purchase in Chinese Wedding Banquet

In addition to differences in perception and expectation, factors that can affect the purchasing decision for a Chinese wedding banquet includes the difference in power between parents and children, pressure to pass on family heritage, and the difference in persuasion and decision making power represented by the large expenditure involved. This study uses grounded theory as a basis and a qualitative perspective to interview 24 parents and newlyweds in focus groups. After the collected data was analysed and the results were confirmed by the interviewees, the following was deduced: (1) the most common problem that arose when the decision was being made to purchase a Chinese wedding banquet was conflict between the two parties. Resolution of this conflict requires proper communication and an understanding of the other’s needs by both parties; (2) the roots of such conflict are diverging ideas about the wedding banquet between the couple and their parents; (3) parents should not use financial support as a bargaining chip. The wedding can be made more comprehensive if the needs of both parties are made known well in advance; (4) using the services of a professional wedding planner can prevent conflict between the parents and the newlyweds that might arise from one-sided planning; (5) the wedding banquet program should be impressive, but should not make people feel it goes on for too long or has been exaggerated.

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