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A Study on Comparative Hand Behaviour of Fabrics Produced from Different Natural and Man-made Fibers

Selection of fibrous materials for different end uses is quite scientific for making comfortable, sensible and fashionable clothes. Fabrics produced from different fibers for common end uses having areal density in a particular slit are not investigated precisely yet. In this paper, different natural and man-made fibers are tried in pure and different blends to study the comparative hand behaviour of corresponding fabrics. Among all considered fibers, wool is found to be superior in winter application from hand point of view. Wool blends with different fibers are exhibited a typical hand behaviour depending upon different properties of blended fibers. Likewise silk offers highest hand value for summer application. However, polyester is a poor fiber from fabric hand point of view in its virgin form. It is therefore suggested that normal polyester fiber needs some modification so as to offer satisfactory hand behaviour. This paper provides fundamental database of various fiber properties and their effect in designing better hand fabrics.

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