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A Very Rare Complication of Covid-19: Pneumothorax and Penumomediastinum

Background: Pneumothorax and Penumomediastinum are defined as free air within pleural ve mediastinal spaces, respectively. Spontaneous pneumothorax and Penumomediastinum combination is a very rare complication of COVID-19 pneumonia. With this case report we want to underline etiology and possible pathophysiology of these rare complications of COVID-19. At the same time, with this case, we wanted to contribute to the literature in terms of complications that may be seen due to covid-19 infection. Case report: 24 years old male patient visited emergency service due to dyspnea and pleuritic chest pain since 3 days. High resolution thorax CT scan revealed spontaneous pneumothorax, Penumomediastinum and COVID 19 pneumonia. Due to absence of predisposing factors, we considered Penumomediastinum and pneumothorax as rare complications of COVID-19 and administered patient to ICU unit. Conclusion: Spontaneous pneumothorax and Penumomediastinum are rare but significant complications of COVID-19 and should be kept in mind as a differential diagnosis of chest pain and dyspnea at this patient group. Further researches are needed for etiology of Penumomediastinum and pneumothorax due to COVID-19.

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