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Accuracy and Gaze Behavior of a Closed, Self-Paced Task Performed Under Varied Conditions

Closed, self-paced tasks are typically performed in a stable environment, but some features of the environment may vary (e.g., quiet/noisy conditions) or may negatively influence the outcome of
performance. Optimal gaze behavior, and specifically long quiet eye (QE) durations, has been found to be associated with improved performance of closed, self-paced tasks. The purpose of the current study was to examine the relationship between QE and accuracy of a golf-putting task under both quiet and distracted conditions in 24 male physical education students. Accuracy of performance and gaze behavior were measured in both conditions. Data analyses revealed that the presence of noise led to reduced quiet eye duration and accuracy, and that golf-putting performances improved in a transfer task compared to both acquisition and retention tasks. Future studies should examine whether maintaining QE durations, or training for longer QE durations, can prevent deterioration in performance under distracted conditions.

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