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Editorial Board

William Brechue

Editor In Chief

Editor-in-Chief: William Brechue, PhD
Department of Physiology
A.T. Still University of Health Sciences, USA  

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Robert Kersey

Editorial Board Members: Robert Kersey, PhD
Department of Kinesiology
California State University, USA

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Andy Holdnak

Andy Holdnak, PhD
Health Leisure & Exercise Science
University of West Florida, USA

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Ross Sherman

Ross Sherman, PhD
Exercise Science
Grand Valley State University, USA

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Steven Radlo

Steven Radlo, PhD
Kinesiology and Sport Psychology
Western Illinois University, USA

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Noelle Selkow

Noelle Selkow, PhD
Kinesiology and Sport Psychology
Illinois State University, USA

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Louise A Kelly

Louise A Kelly, PhD
Exercise Science
California Lutheran University, USA

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Michelle Bartlett

Michelle Bartlett, PhD
Sports & Exercise Sciences
West Texas A&M University, USA

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Barry P. Hunt

Barry P. Hunt, EdD
Health Education
Mississippi State University, USA

Contact Barry P. Hunt

Sam Lunt

Sam Lunt
Sports Medicine
Florida State University, USA

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Andrea Cripps

Andrea Cripps
Rehabilitation Science
New Mexico State University, USA

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Martin D Carmichael

Martin D Carmichael
Physical Education and Exercise Studies
Lander University, USA

Contact Martin D Carmichael

Mikaela Boham

Mikaela Boham
Athletic Training Education
New Mexico State University, USA

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Timothy McGarry

Timothy McGarry, PhD
University of New Brunswick, Canada

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Julien S Baker

Julien S Baker, PhD
Applied Physiology
University of the West of Scotland, UK

Contact Julien S Baker

Matthew Weston

Matthew Weston, PhD
Exercise Science
Teeside University, UK

Contact Matthew Weston

Neil Smart

Neil Smart, PhD
Exercise Physiology
University of New England, Australia

Contact Neil Smart

Chris McLellan

Chris McLellan, PhD
Sport Science
Bond University, Australia

Contact Chris McLellan

Michael Chia

Michael Chia, PhD
Paediatric Exercise Science
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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Taisuke Kinugasa

Taisuke Kinugasa, PhD
Sports Physiology & Performance
Japan Sport Council, Japan

Contact Taisuke Kinugasa

Michael Huen Sum Lam

Michael Huen Sum Lam, PhD
Sports Coaching and Sport Business Management
Sheffield Hallam University, Hong Kong

Contact Michael Huen Sum Lam

Mark King

Mark King, PhD
Sports Biomechanics
Loughborough University, UK

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Christian Puta

Christian Puta, PhD
Department of Sports Medicine and Health Promotion
Friedrich Schiller University Jena , Germany

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