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Acute Myeloid Leukemia Revealed by Abducens Nerve Palsy: About One Case

Abducens palsy in case of acute myeloid leukemia is the result of infiltration of meninges. We report a case of Abducens nerve palsy revealing acute myeloid leukemia. Materials and Methods: A 49 year old female patient was admitted at consultation of ophthalmology in the military hospital Moulay Ismail of Meknes, this patient has an acute diplopia with general asthaenia. Results: The screening has revealed an abducens nerve palsy confirmed by Lancaster test. The MRI showed homogenous infiltration of cerebello pontine angle by an enhanced materiel. A bone marrow specimen was hypercellular without fibrosis. Discussion: Abducens palsy as first sign of an acute myeloid leukemia is rare. In our patient, it seems to be in relation with cerebello pontine angle infiltration as shown by MRI .Curative treatment is based on intensive chemotherapy. Conclusion: Abducens palsy as revealing sign of acute myeloid leukemia is rare.


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