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Addressing Poor PAP Compliance for Nights Spent Away from the Home: Central CPAP Provides an Affordable, Convenient Solution for Overnight Stays at Hotels, Medical Facilities Worldwide

Do you know someone with sleep apnea? Of course you do! There are over 28 million people diagnosed with sleep apnea in the United States alone. With greater overall awareness of sleep apnea and the advances in home sleep testing, the number of people being diagnosed with apnea is nearing epidemic proportions worldwide. Positive Air Pressure (PAP) systems remain the gold standard of treatment for apnea. However, for the “PAP” machines to be effective, they must be used. While PAP compliance has increased considerably over the years it has become obvious that there is still an outstanding barrier for faithful PAP compliance. Nights spent away from the home have emerged as an ongoing barrier to consistent compliance. It doesn’t matter if the overnight destination is 50,000 miles away or 5 blocks away from the home; hauling around a home PAP machine is hugely inconvenient at best and often forgotten or neglected during times of medical crisis. “Central CPAP” eliminates that barrier; people who depend on their PAP treatment will be able to continue their gold standard of care while away from their homes overnight... without the burden of transporting their home PAP system.

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