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Advances and Perspectives in Nanoscience and Technology Applied in Prognostics and Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Due to the socioeconomic complexity unleashed by childhood cerebral palsy (CP), as well as other diseases, this subject needs to be better discussed and understood concomitantly with scientific and technological advances. In this context, this mini-review proposes to show how some different areas such as nanotechnology, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence (AI) applied in the study of diseases can undoubtedly contribute to the elucidation or predicted of problems not yet well understood in medicine. Thus, this review points to some possible contributions that can collaborate with the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of the diseases such as CP and others not so clear yet as well. In this context, it is also necessary to exemplify some advances in the nanoparticles used as drug-carrying agents, tumor markers and in the production of nanorobots with a broad spectrum of applications in nanomedicine. The elucidation of questions, for example in the CP is a good case correlated to these emerging areas with therapy and diagnosis medicine approaches, that should generate different decisionmaking by health experts with a view to prevention, recovery and improvement of the quality of life of patients.

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