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Ageing effect on different LDPE films used as warm house cover

The purpose of this study deteriorating effect of natural ageing on tri-layer and mono-layer polyethylene films used as glass house cover in the North Africa environment. The films was handed out by Agro film and composed of low denseness polyethylene (LDPE), holding admixture (e.g. color and infrared IR and ultraviolet UV stabilizers).  This film was used to strengthen and set up a real warm house situated in the northern of Algeria. The influence of

growing old was, controlled by watching the modifications in mechanical (robustness and flexibility) features.  The study has been conducted during a period of nine months of natural ageing. The films have been spontaneously matured and grow older.  The results display that the environmental components have deteriorating effects on the sustainability and all properties of the polyethylene film. 

The study illustrate clearly that the degradation parameters evaluated are directly linked to standard for estimating the efficiency of using warm house farming. The consequence of temperature and UVA radiation generated the most significant degradation on the film surface and accordingly a decrease in the whole life existence of the material.

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