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Altering the Natures of Gravity and Light Redefines the Universe

I have a number of ‘Universe is Otherwise’ papers that focus on giving gravity a physical nature and expanding its effects upon everything in our universe. The summary of my paep (particles applying external pressure). Gravity recognizes a pushing force applied by the flow of EM radiation such a light. Gravity can penetrate masses and affect matter in various directions. There is a ‘net’ pressure considering all directions. Gravity can push from multiple directions with variable forces as it is the entire nature of infinite space. Being a form of radiation, gravity has always been everywhere. Radiation expands its wavelength frequency when exiting stars as light and diminishes the frequency as it travels through space. We can get confused by relying on a foundation of all previous knowledge. Gravity has been a metaphysical force is generated by masses internally. In reality the source of gravity is the push pressure of radiation. The effect of gravity ‘pulling’ us down on earth has been labeled as an attraction. The alternate view of the universe and gravity from space rewrites science.

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