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Ameliorative Strategies to Sustain Livestock Production during Heat Stress

Ameliorative Strategies to Sustain Livestock Production during Heat Stress

In the changing climate scenario, heat stress is of major concern among livestock owners as it affects drastically livestock production which otherwise contributes 40% of world agriculture GDP (gross domestic product). Hence there is an urgent need for reviewing the various strategies to counter the heat stress impact on livestock production. THI (temperature humidity index) may not be the ideal index to quantify heat stress impact on livestock as it does not take into account solar radiation and wind velocity. Hence, more appropriate agro-ecological zone specific indices like Dairy Heat Load Index (DHLI) which takes into account all cardinal weather parameters is the need of hour. Development of appropriate heat abatement strategies depends on the type of dairy operation practiced in a particular livestock farm. During heat stress, management strategies such as providing shade, sprinklers, fans, cold water, minimum handling, grazing during early morning and late evening hours might be very beneficial to improve livestock production..

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