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Menstrual Cup: A Review Entailing the Parameters Influencing its Usage

Menstrual cups have been in the market for several decades now, however, the prevalent use of the product has not seen a sharp rise amongst the users. Menstrual cups serve the manifold purpose in its use as a menstrual hygiene product as well as a technology that helps mitigate the pollution produced by the present and conventional forms of menstrual hygiene products like the sanitary pads and tampons being the most used, whereas cotton cloths in rural areas of many developing and underdeveloped countries are not missed. The purpose of this research is to understand the psychology of women of the menstruating population toward the use of a rather cheap, environment friendly and backed by gynecologists’ product. Additionally, to understand the behavior and experiences of women who have tried and tested the product and can provide a comprehensive note on the usage of menstrual cups in comparison to pads and tampons.

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