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An Earlier Age of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast cancer incidence suggests a lifestyle cause. A lifestyle factor used near the breast is the application of antiperspirants/deodorants accompanied by axillary shaving. A previous study did not support a link with breast cancer. If these habits have a role in breast cancer development, women using antiperspirants/deodorants and shaving their underarms frequently would be expected to have an earlier age of diagnosis than those doing so less often. An earlier age of diagnosis would also be expected in those starting to use deodorants and shaving at an earlier age. This is the first study to investigate the intensity of underarm exposure in a cohort of breast cancer survivors. Idiopathic orbital inflammations and idiopathic orbital myositis have unknown etiology but involve inflammation. Orbital IgG4-related disease has several unique characteristics that distinguish it from other orbital inflammatory conditions. Orbital IgG4-related disease differs from other IgG4-related diseases in the body in that it arises from no glandular lesions and is not associated histologically with obliterate phlebitis.


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