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An Intelligent IoT-Based Control System for Harnessing Hydropower Energy from Wake Induced Vibration

In this study, a new intelligent control system converter (ICSC) is developed, designed, and introduced in order to harness the hydrokinetic energy of wake induced vibration (WIV) phenomenon and convert it to the electricity. The WIV converter consists of tandem circular cylinders, while the upstream cylinder is stationary and the downstream one is mounted on an elastic structure. ICSC was designed based on the maximizing dynamic response of the downstream cylinder under the WIV phenomenon. Therefore, the structural parameters of the WIV converter, such as position and mass and damping ratios of the converter can be automatically and remotely controlled to maximize the oscillation of the cylinder based on the free stream velocity. The position of the downstream cylinder can be set at a desirable longitudinal and transverse distances in the wake of the upstream cylinder remotely via the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Furthermore, the mass, the spring stiffness, and the damper can be set via a virtual mass-spring-damper mechanism (VMSD) Derakhshandeh et al. In a real-time. ICSC guarantees that all structural parameters are set suitably and appropriately to optimize the power coefficient of the WIV converter.

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