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An Investigation of Ball Velocity between the Instep and Inside of the Foot Kicks of University Soccer Players

Purpose: The Purpose of this study was to investigate ball velocity of instep and inside foot kicks of university level soccer players.

Method: The participants sample consisted twenty university soccer players from Fiji National University, Fiji. All participants have minimum of four years playing experience. The participants delivered instep and inside foot kicks using the right leg. Participants wore a complete soccer kit. Two cameras were used for this study. The cameras intersected each other perpendicularly on sagittal and frontal plans. Motion Analysis Tools (MAT) software was used to determine the ball velocity and IBM SPSS 30 was used to calculate pair t-test involving two tail tests to determine the significant difference of the ball velocity of university soccer players.

Results: The results of the study indicate that the mean velocity of instep soccer kick is higher than the mean velocity of the inside foot soccer kicks. A significant difference also exists at the .05 level between the instep and the inside foot soccer kicks of the participants.

Conclusion: It can be concluded that the inside foot kick resulted in a lower ball velocity than the instep kick on the part of the university level players.

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