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An online education program on safe sleep infant: Exploring the impact on the Role of Community Pediatric Nurses and Midwives during Covid-19, a pre-experimental study

To explore the impacts of an online education program on postnatal care and infant care in remote Jordanian rural. Methods: This is a pre-experimental, one group pretest posttest education intervention conducted among a purposeful sample of 25 community pediatric nurses and midwives who worked in a primary health center, located in three borderline departments in the north-western Jordan in Irbid governorate. The study collected both qualitative and quantitative data. Results: Providing an online health education program on postnatal care and infant care safe sleep infant care to medical staff in remote areas enhances their ability to share up-to-date information with parents P>0.5. There was an improvement in accessing online professional resources and prevention recommendations on postnatal care and infant care after participation in the online health education program. This study impact on staff practices in educating mothers regarding mostly important issues regarding covid-19 crises including symptom, prevention, treatment of the symptom and how they deal with their infants during this crises. Using online education technology and social media have been identified as a cost-effective strategy, supporting timely precise professional education. Conclusions: Technology plays an active role and can be used in health education programs in remote areas, where information can be communicated to health staff regardless of distance.

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