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Analysis of Electrical Power Disturbances in Distribution and Industrial Systems

The objective of this study is to clearly analyse by identifying and providing specifications on each disturbance. The main targets are the study of faults that suddenly happen on wires which supply loads, and the survey of detrimental effect coming from the load especially common loads used in industries. Simulation results were presented to illustrate analysis of these disturbances on a Distribution Line network. For signle-phase earthing fault model, the results show the duration of the voltage sag of 90 ms with the magnitudes of 0 kV, 30.97 kV and 30.98 kV respectively for Va, Vb and Vc. For phase to phase fault model, the duration is around 85 ms with Va = 21.3 kV and Vb=Vc= 0kV. When using non-linear loads, the obtained THD varies from 32.10 % to 44.32 % and the total demand distortion (TDD) from 91.42% to 95.21 %.

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