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Analysis of Recreation Facilities in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria

Leisure and recreation have become important concerns in modern day societies. It is an essential part of human life and the role recreation plays in our societies has to do with health benefits, economic development, and prevention of crime. This paper examines analysis of recreation facilities in Ibadan, Nigeria. Data for analysis was obtained from staff and patronage of Agodi Garden, Bower’s Tower and Trans Amusement Park in Ibadan through a questionnaires survey. A total number of 221 structured questionnaires were randomly distributed out of which 203 were successfully retrieved and analyzed. The result revealed that over 66.3% of the tourists were visiting the destination for the very first time with a few of the respondents visiting for a second time. It was also observed that 32.5% of the respondents were visiting the study area for second time. This repeated visit might have been as a result of their satisfaction during their previous visit or because they did not visit all the attraction during the previous visit. Therefore, there is the need for the government to invest seriously in capital projects and create enabling environment to attract foreign investors for the sector to be able to provide the much needed infrastructure for economic development.

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