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Anatomical Study of the Access Triangles to Intervertebral Disc

1.1 Objective: to analyze the cadaverous dimensions of the Kambin’s triangle, in addition to schematizing the limits in a three-dimensional way that unifies the previous descriptions.

1.2 Methods: The study was carried out in the dissection room of the Human Anatomy department of the Universidad de Panamá. The dissections were performed using previously described techniques to approach the lumbar spinal canal. The data were described by means of univariate analyzes through the decimal metric system.

1.3 Results: Analyzing the dimensions of the safe space in the neural foramen we found that on average the height was 17 mm for the right L1-L2 segment and 16 mm for the left L1-L2. The average in the right L1-L2 segment of the Kambin’s triangle was 23 mm and 21 mm in the left L1-L2. The largest area for the neural foramen safe space was calculated at the low lumbar level in L4-L5 with 94 mm2on the right and 92 mm2 the left. For the Kambin’s triangle, the L4-L5 level presented the largest area with 140 mm2 on the right side and 148mm2 on the left.

1.4 Conclusion: The dimensions of these triangles vary minimally between each side (right or left), and their measurements increase at a level that descends in the lumbar segments. The safe area of ​​these triangles can vary with respect to the height of the cadaver

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