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TThis Expert Level Scientific Award is given to the renowned scientific personnel who have contributed their services with a passion, dedication and commitment for the human development and distinguished experts who have made significant, sustained and continuing contributions in the field of Pediatrics. It is considered as the most esteemed award of the entire conference. His/her contribution could be long-term, cumulative or single, particularly insightful, experimental, applicable, or interpreted ideas. This prestigious award could be given for the nominee who had demonstrated significant, independent contribution in their selected area of research with a min of 20+years of experience in Pediatrics and productively engaged in respective leading edge technology. The achiever of the award must have completed MD or PhD, or equivalent. The recognition of the award will be taking into consideration for the independence of thought, originality and significance of discovery, and impact on his/ her area of research. Eligible nominees can upload their Research Portfolios online with their latest 10 publications, landmarks obtained during their research. The beginning of pediatric care centers in France then led to the spread to other countries throughout Europe. Soon afterwards, other pediatric hospitals were opened in Germany, Russia, Austria, Poland and England in the 19th century. The first hospital for children in the United States was opened in Philadelphia in 1855. The field of pediatrics as we know it today in the United States originates from the American Pediatric Society and American Academy of Pediatrics, which began in the 1930s. Although earlier research and recordings included information about children, pediatrics as a separate specialty was distinguished later

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