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Apnea and Speech Therapy: Pharyngeal Stimulation Proposal

Introduction: Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) currently represents one of the biggest health problems for the individual, causing changes in breathing during sleep. It is accompanied by Snoring, described by a malfunctioning vibration of the oropharynx generating noise emissions. Among the causes of this pathology, there are alterations in the soft structures of the Stomatognathic System. Objective: To describe the specific myofunctional therapy work for the Pharynx Walls in a female patient, a 22-year-old patient, diagnosed with Apnea and to show its efficiency.   Method: The object of study was a patient of the FMU clinic, 22 years old, diagnosed with severe Apnea by Polysomnography exam and with oromyofunctional alteration. Patient performed 30 continuous days of pharynx wall exercises. Results: After 30 days the patient showed a significant improvement in facial appearance, in the coloration of periorbital hyperpigmentation of the eyes, Mallampati II classification, greater balance of the muscles during chewing and absence of pain when swallowing. Conclusion: In this case, pharynx wall exercises are effective for improving muscle condition and should be included in the therapeutic plan for working with Apnea; however, they were not sufficient to resolve the change, due to the severe degree of the pathology.

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