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Application of pharmacogenetics testing with co-occurring clients



More than 65% of those with substance use disorders also suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder. For the past decade pharmacogenetics has emerged as a promising clinical tool for the treatment of those with co-occurring disorders. This testing enables individualized treatment and offers the client and practitioner valuable information that can positively impact the course of treatment. Many of our clients come to us with unresolved or worsening symptoms, a history of treatment non-compliance, or premature discontinuation of prescribed medications due to the medication not working or intolerable side effects. Genetic testing guides the prescriber, individualizes care, educates the client and facilitates a clinical partnership that empowers the client and supports recovery. With the advances in medication assisted treatment for addictions, genetics testing can helps us work with our patients to design the most successful recovery program. When patients have appropriate treatment from the beginning, they are more likely to remain in treatment and recovery. Current use of genetic testing is helping us to achieve retention rates greater than 90% in our treatment programs. Case studies which demonstrate the clinical value of genetic testing, its impact on clinical outcomes for clients with co-occurring disorders, and reduces the stigma that is a barrier to treatment.

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