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Application of unusual properties of low level laser radiation for transfer information from medicine to patient’s body in the therapy of patients with some viral diseases

The presence of some non- electromagnetic components in a laser
sources for the first time was predicted by A. Akimov (Russia,
1995) in the early nineties and experimentally revealed by
A.Bobrov (Russia,1996). This preliminary study describes an application
of unusual properties of low level laser radiation with
laser light guide emitter (Patent Uzbekistan, 2005) in the field
of which were placed different antiviral medications, with the
aim of treatment the group of patients with different viral diseases.
In total, eleven patients with verified virus pathology have
been observed. For therapy purpose were used the following
medications: Lamivudine (200mg), Daclatasvir(60mg),Sofosbuvir
(400mg), Acyclovir(200mg),Ibavirin (Copegus0(200mg)
in tablets, which were placed into the laser light guide emitter.
The obtained findings suggest that under the influence of nonelectromagnetic
field formed by laser light guide emitter, remote
transmission of pharmacological properties of a medication to
patient’s body occurs. Application of this technology enables to
reduce duration of the therapy for CHBV and CHCV infection
patients. In some cases (CHCV infection virus, Epstein - Barr
virus, cytomegalovirus infection) this results in complete elimination
of the virus infection.

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