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Arthroplasty with the Baguera Cervical Disc Prosthesis: A Review of the Scientific Background, Clinical and Radiographic Evidences

motion and to avoid adjacent level degeneration. Although many implants are used, few presented clinical results. Also, prosthesis being different, the published literature may not be generalized to all devices. The purpose of this review is to evaluate the clinical results of cervical disc replacement with the Baguera®C prosthesis and to compare these to the results of other prosthesis in the literature. Method: We reviewed the peer-reviewed or published literature studying the Baguera®C cervical prosthesis clinical and radiological results. Results: The studies analyzing analysis of the scientific data around the Baguera® C cervical prosthesis showed low complication rates, no recorded device-related adverse events, and demonstrated improvement of the NDI score, particularly for patients under 50, without previous cervical or spinal surgeries, with preoperative NDI greater than 30% and with small (+10%) differences between implant size and preoperative disc height The monitoring of changes of the level cranial to the highest total disc replacement level showed protection against adjacent segment degeneration, with minimal if any influence on the evolution of the adjacent level over the two years observation period.Baguera®C prosthesis could compare favorably to some other types of prostheses by its shape, technique of implantation, and physiological center of rotation allowing a lower rate of HO. Conclusion: Cervical disc replacement with the Baguera®C is a safe and effective procedure. The available data show the absence of increased degeneration of adjacent levels. The level of heterotopic ossification is equivalent or lower than with other similar implants.

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