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Arthroscopic Technique, More Mini Open in Tendon Transfer with Pectoralis Major in Massive Irreparable Ruptures of Arthroscopic Cuff

Rotator cuff repair is one of the most common surgical tactics performed in the shoulder. Traditionally, restore required an open incision with elimination of a portion of the deltoid from the acromion. In the beyond decade, an arthroscopically assisted “mini-open” technique has gained popularity. This has been facilitated through advances within the use of arthroscopy. This trend toward an extra minimally invasive method has endured as arthroscopic techniques continue to improve and advance. An all-arthroscopic technique has recently been used to carry out rotator cuff repairs. The arthroscopic approach offers numerous advantages, such as smaller incisions, clean get entry to the glenohumeral joint for treatment of intra-articular pathology, less tender tissue dissection, and less ability harm to the deltoid.

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