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Assessment of Sexual Violence and its Effect on Reproductive Health among Women in Ataye Northern Shoa, Amhara Regional State, Ehtiopia

Background: Most women are at greater risk for Gender based violence and its complications of reproductive health including sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDs, bleeding, uterine infection, obstetric fistula and birth complication.
Objective: The objective of this study was to assess the effects of violence against women on reproductive Health of women in Ataye Woreda Northern shoa, Ethiopia.
Method: Facility based cross sectional study was under taken among women in reproductive age group who came to Ataye health center from December 10 to December 31, 2016. The study includes 388 participants with Quantitative methods were employed using structured questionnaires.
Result: The finding indicates women face different types of violence even they die in that locality due to social norms and traditional beliefs. They didn’t exposed what happened to them and most of them are violate by their intimate partner and the main cause of their violation is economic dependence on their husbands and being uneducated. Major types of violence committed in the study area are rape and abduction due to this women suffered from different types reproductive health problems. This study shows in the past 12 months there were 52 (13.4%) violation of women, from 388 participants of the study. From all the participants 44 (84.6%) had been affected with different types of reproductive health outcomes, such as 15 (34%) had bleeding related to abortion, and rape, 9 (20.5%) HIV/AIDS, 9 (20.5%) STI, 6 (13.6%) Vaginal infection, and about 5 (11.4%) had still birth.
Conclusion: The magnitude of violence against women in the past 12 months in the study area is 13.4%. From the total 388 participants 11.3% of women suffered from reproductive health problems related to violence against women.

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