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Assistance of Artificial intelligence and IoT

IoT is one of the most intrinsic building blocks in Industry 4.0,everybody has heard the word IoT but most of them don’t knowwhat IoT is and it’s crux. Many people who use Iot devices aren’taware that they’re using it. Iot is omnipresent, now what is Iot akaInternet of things?Fetching data, this data can be anything like temperature, pressure,humidity etc from the environment and pushing it throughthe internet for the purpose of monitoring, triggering some actionsor for some analytics.Now let’s see how it alleviates the day-to-day life of a common man.The basic principle of Iot is the idea of devices that collect informationand are able to deliver it across great distances. And it isthis capability of IoT that makes it the next big thing in the industry.I will explain it through a basic example, imagine you’re goingabroad after boarding the flight you realise you forget to switchoff the light and fans, if your home appliances are powered byIoT then you could switch off with the help of your smart phonein a click. Sound’s interesting na? This is just a tip of the icebergvarying from agriculture, automotive, health care, hospitality thereare umpteen use cases IoT can take care of. With the help of datafetched by IoT further prediction can be made with the assistanceof artificial intelligence.Biography:I’m an IT professional with experience in IoT and AI domainoutfitted with B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineeringand PG Diploma in Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing.Kick started career as an IoT developer in a product developmentdomain thereafter get involved in AI as well as a part ofpersonal interest and professional passion. Contributed in multiaspects of product development life cycle from requirement analysisto product release. I follow “Learn, upgrade, evolve and contributesomething to improve and alleviate the lives of mankind”as professional philosophy and “Supporting the underprivilegedwith the fortunes made through profession” as personal philosophy

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