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Awards Ceremony: 7th World Congress on Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Management

Allied Academies is holding its 7th World Congress on Anxiety, Depression and Stress Management July 6-7, 2020 and is raising another extension for the upcoming conference.

We take the appreciation to appreciate the achievements of our skilled specialists who have made a commitment to treat patients as well as their commitments that are useful for future advances. The purpose of this award program is to perceive the senior specialists, experts and youthful abilities that have had a colossal effect on the group of scientists.

AAC recognize the dedication and overpowering work in all areas of scholastic and science. By acknowledging their commitment; Pulsus supports and promotes researchers, scientists and scholars, by granting Pulsus Global Best Researcher Awards in every scholastic forte and class along with other individual honours. These certificates include esteemed Certificates of Excellence and Memento. Our Stress Management 2020 Conference carries out various session features for members including, Keynote introductions, Plenary introductions, Poster introductions, Young Researcher introductions and Video Presentations And the awards are given to recognize participants who have made outstanding contributions to the field and to encourage active participation in advancing the field. The best presentation is not only a witness to the creativity of the individual, but they do have the potential to change the whole environment because they can make use of better techniques as well as new methodologies.

The imprints given by the Scientific Committee and the Chair of the Congress will be used to select the participants of these awards and will work with the top scores recommended for the following awards: We will identify with the awards our healthcare experts.

A portion of the members' awards to be given were listed below.

• Best Keynote Spokesperson Award
• Award to Best Speaker
• Award for Best Member of the Organizing Committee
• Award for best poster
• Best Award for a Young Research Forum

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