Journal of Trauma and Rehabilitation

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Editorial Board

Martin Grabois. Ph.D

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Baylor College of Medicine, USA

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Anthony Jones, MD, FRCP

Division of Neuroscience & Experimental Psychology
The University of Manchester, UK

Contact Anthony Jones, MD, FRCP
Mattia Fortina, MD

Department of Orthopaedic and Traumatology,
University Hospital of Siena, Italy

Contact Mattia Fortina, MD
Ronald J Burke, Ph.D

Department of Organizational Psychology
York University, Canada.

Contact Ronald J Burke, Ph.D
Kwak Yi Sub, Ph.D

Department of Physical Education
University of Dong-Eui, Korea

Contact Kwak Yi Sub, Ph.D
Tiziano Villa, Ph.D

Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology
University of Milan, Italy


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Renata Martinec, Ph.D

Department of Motoric Disorders and Chronic Diseases
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Contact Renata Martinec, Ph.D
Karen McGrellis

Department of Behavioural health care
Rutgers University, USA

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