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Awareness of Young Women on HPV Self-Sampling Trial using Opt-in Method

Study Background: Recently, studies have indicated that HPV self-sampling is an effective tool, though they do not state the reasons why young women do not take the test. Our study is to determine the awareness of young women who want or do not want to use HPV self-sampling and discuss the issues for increasing the use of the test.

Methods: We conducted two mailing surveys between July 1, 2018, and September 30, 2018, in city A. City A conducted the self-sampling trial with us. Our research target group had 101 women who returned filled questionnaires out of 837 aged 25 to 29 who had not undergone cervical cancer screening the previous year. In Questionnaire 1, there were questions regarding whether or not women wanted the self-sampling and the reasons why. In Questionnaire 2 was for women’s willingness to use the kits.

Results: Only 9.8% of young women wanted to use self-sampling. In Questionnaire 1 stated “free self-sampling supported from the city”, “I can do it in my own time”, and “I have never received HPV vaccine” as the characteristic reasons for wanted; “I have no symptom”, and “I am anxious about doing the test by myself” for not wanted. In Questionnaire 2, many women who performed selfsampling felt positive. Awareness of self-sampling was low overall.

Conclusion: We clarified that young women who did not want to use self-sampling tended to have anxiety toward the diagnosis accuracy of self-sampling. Some reasons for determining this were the lack of general knowledge on cervical cancer screening and low awareness of self-sampling. Therefore, we propose that national and local governments should aid in introducing a peer support program or free self-sampling systems, to encourage more young women to take cervical cancer screening or self-sampling tests without any hesitation.

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