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Back Pain Causes Connected with So-Called Idiopathic Scoliosis and Hiperlordosis of Lumbar Spine in Cases with Minimal Brain Dysfunction, Symptoms and Advises for Therapy

The back pain is a freTuent problem of patients in orthopedics and neurology departments. ,n our opinion, the causes of the spine pain are connected Zith various anatomical disorders like bigger than normal or smaller than normal physiological curves, or because of scoliosis. ,n patients Zith back pain it can be scoliosis in the form ³& and and ³S´ curves and it is 2nd etiopathological epg type in type in Z classification. There are also other causes of back pain, like spondylolisis, spodylolithesis, prolaps of nucleus pulpous, but in the article Ze focus on the tZo causes mentioned above - hiperlordosis of lumbar spine and scoliosis. ,n our research Ze found that etiology of scoliosis is connected Zith biomechanical factors- ³permanent standing µat ease¶ on the right leg´ and Zalking/a particular gait, described thoroughly in the article. 5ecognizing the causes is essential as determines the kind of therapy and prophyla[is that should be used in the treatment of young and/or adult patients.

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