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Benefits for Plant Adaptations

Plants have evolved to help them survive (and grow) in a variety of environments. Adaptations are unique characteristics that allow a plant or animal to thrive in a specific environment. The plant's adaptations can make it difficult for it to survive in a different environment. Plants are forced to adapt to their surroundings. To protect themselves from wind and cold, plants can adapt by growing lower and closer to the ground. Any of the following adaptations can help plants preserve food, energy, and water while still being able to reproduce effectively in desert environments. Plants also developed a water-repellent cuticle, stomata to control water evaporation, specialised cells to provide rigid protection against gravity, specialised structures to collect sunlight, haploid and diploid generations, reproductive organs, and other structures to adapt to life on soil. Adaptations are traits that are passed on from generation to generation and improve an organism's ability to survive and replicate in a given environment.

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