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Bilateral Adenocarzinoma of the Lower Eyelid in a Cat Affecting Serial Meibomian Glands

An aged male castrated European Shorthair Cat presented to a veterinarian with Horner Syndrome. The cat had been a long standing patient of the veterinarian and had no relevant health problems before except for recurrent Otitis externa due to infection with Malassezia pachydermatis which was repeatedly treated with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs. According to the chronic otitis the veterinarian suspected an auricular origin of the symptoms and started treatment with the above mentioned drugs.

At the control date one week later a pronounced swelling and hyperemia of both lower eyelids was evident which was indication for surgical excision of the affected lid areas.

Histological evaluation of the excised specimens revealed a systemic affection of meibomian glands by a predominantly solid carcinoma showing sporadically tubular formations. The tumor also invaded the surrounding stroma of the lids

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