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Biophysical Pathology in Cancer Transformation

Biophysical Pathology in Cancer Transformation

Energy supply to biological systems excites and sustains the state far from thermodynamic equilibrium which is a necessary condition for life. Energy processing by mitochondria forms a strong static electric field which causes ordering of water. These physical states establish conditions for generation of the electromagnetic field by microtubules (microtubule generation is postulated). Disturbances of the energy supply system result in pathological states. In cancers the physical pathological state is caused by disturbances of oxidative metabolism. Mitochondrial dysfunction is formed either in cancer cells (the normal Warburg effect) or in fibroblasts associated with cancer cells (the reverse Warburg effect). Dysfunctional mitochondria display inhibited pyruvate transfer into matrix space, decreased oxidative energy metabolism, low static electric field, and low level of water ordering around them

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