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Bollywood and Fashion

 Bollywood has always inspired fashion trends. One can know about current fashion trends by watching a newly released Bollywood movie. Bollywood celebrities have changed the face of Indian fashion as most of the people out there want to dress up like their favorite celebrities. This leads to a fashion buzz all over  the country. Fashion and Bollywood are both indivisible from each other and when they combine, a new era of style starts trending in the market. This research of Bollywood and fashion offers the knowledge about Bollywood fashion trends by decades since the first sound film was introduced in Bollywood. And  these  styles kept on changing decade to decade with new released movies. Specifically this paper analyzes the styles which are in trend currently also as fashion repeats itself. This results of the research concluded that the link between cinema and mainstream fashion is easily apparent. While some styles live for a long time, some styles are only fad and some come back even after a long period of time.

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