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Breast Pathology 2018- Correction of a scientific error in Lippincott illustrated reviews pharmacology (anticancer drugs, p 605, Mechanism of action of tamoxifen)

Tamoxifen is one of the selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM) with tissue-specific activities for the treatment and prevention of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. Tamoxifen acts as an anti-estrogen (inhibiting agent) in the mammary tissue, but as an estrogen (stimulating agent) in cholesterol metabolism, bone density, and cell proliferation in the endometrium. Numerous sorts of tumors are receptive to the “conventional” chemotherapy drug medicines, for instance, alkylating operators, intercalating dugs, topoisomerase inhibitors, antimetabolites, and antimitotic drugs, just as the more as of late recognized focused on treatments, for example, different kinase inhibitors. The focused on monoclonal antibodies have been demonstrated to be fantastically fruitful in explicit tumors. A predetermined number of diseases can be totally restored utilizing these treatment draws near. In any case, the accomplishment of malignancy therapies fluctuates hugely relying upon the particular kind of disease analyzed and phase of analysis. The Advancement of genomic profiling innovations and specific subatomic focused on treatments, the utilization of biomarkers assumes an undeniably significant part in the clinical administration of malignancy patients. To accomplish a more exhaustive comprehension of ebb and flow research exercises in the territory of anticancer medications, commitments of surveys and unique examination articles covering the various aspects of anticancer medication research are currently gathered in this Pharmaceuticals Special Issue on “Anticancer Drugs”.

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