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Case presentation: Kimura disease of epiglottis and lip

Statement of the Problem: Kimura`s disease( Kd) is rare entity .  it is considered endemic in East Asians , but sporadic cases has been reported 1. It affect usually young (20-40 years of age) men ( male: female , 3:1 ) . Kd usually occurs in the head and neck( especially in the periauricular , parotid or submandibular  , but there are  few cases reported involvement of spermatic cord, elbows , heart , axillary , popliteal region inta – abdominal mass & chest wall. We discuss in this oral presentation, patient presented with lip and epiglottis mass. The case presentation: A 32 years old male, presented to our clinic ( otolaryngology head & neck surgery ) in our institute( King Fahad Medical City , Saudi Arabia ) , with a chief complaints of  painless upper lip swelling ( mainly in left side ), since 8 years . Excised before 2 month in private hospital, no histopathology report was given to patient, but the diagnosis possible hemangioma. After excision it appear again in same site, no history of bleeding, trauma. During intubation in private hospital, they discover epiglottis mass and no investigation done there. Patient was under want microlaryngoscopy and excision of epiglottis, lip lesion and the samples was sent for histopathology reporting.  Pathology report results: Kimora disease. Conclusion: after 4 years patient has recurrence of masses with mild symptoms.

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