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Causes and Consequences of Deforestation in Essera District, Dawuro Zone South Western Ethiopia

Purpose: This study was conducted to assess the causes of deforestation and is consequences on communities of Essera district. Methodology: The cross-sectional survey design with the application of both qualitative and quantitative approaches was employed. The study involved a multistage sampling, i.e. a combination of purposive, stratified, and simple random sampling procedures to select the study area and sample households. The data for this study was generated from both secondary and primary sources of data focusing on both qualitative and quantitative natures. Results: A huge amount (48) 80% of respondents prepare land by slash and burn, 13.33 % or 8 of the respondents prepare land by ecological farming where as 4 of the respondents prepare land by tillage. The motive for farming usually influence the size of land on which one undertakes his or her activities. Firewood collection was the major destructive activity, because, the local people depend on the natural forest as source of fuel energy for household consumption and sale. In addition, the discussants bitterly objected for the destined robbery of the forest timber products as destructive activity. Some farmers organized at micro level to acquire lands for cultivation of cash crops such as chat, sesame and eucalyptus trees. The ongoing encroachment of cultivation of crops towards the surrounding woodlands has resulted in further forest degradation. . The respondents identified manja ethnic group as the major ones known for producing charcoal for sale. The low output level was mainly due to the erratic rainfall and difficulty in weather and climate prediction

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