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Cellular Stress Responses: Cell Survival and Cell Death

Cells will answer stress in numerous ways in which starting from the activation of survival pathways to the initiation of death that eventually eliminates broken cells. Whether or not cells mount a protecting or harmful stress response depends to an outsized extent on the character and length of the strain further because the cell sorts. Also, there's usually the interaction between these responses that ultimately determines the fate of the stressed cell. The implications of cellular stress responses to human physiology and diseases area unit manifold and can be mentioned during this review within the context of some major world health problems like polygenic disorder, degenerative disorder, MI and cancer. Cells answer stress during a kind of ways in which starting from activation of pathways that promote survival to eliciting programmed death that eliminates broken cells. The cell’s initial response to a nerve-racking input is meshed towards serving to the cell to defend against and endure the insult.

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