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Chromoendoscopy Used to Increase the Detection Rates for various Pathologic Processes During Endoscopy

The endoscopist can use chromoendoscopy to help identify and characterise lesions in the gastrointestinal system (GIT). This is usually accomplished by employing a range of colours to differentiate between normal and pathological mucosa. Endoscopists can analyse a specific area of interest with increased clarity and sharpness using this technique. Chromoendoscopy can supplement imaging by highlighting aspects of mucosal surface topography and may help provide in-depth data that allow for more precise therapy options in the future. By facilitating targeted biopsies of worrisome areas, chromoendoscopy has proven good diagnostic yield in the evaluation of dysplastic lesions in Barrett's oesophagus (BO) and oesophageal cancer (3-5). Despite this, chromoendoscopy continues to play an important role in a variety of diseases.

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