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Chronic Superficial Achilles Bursitis Treated with Percutaneous Bursectomy and Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection: A Case Report

A 23-year old male presented with chronic right ankle pain intermittently over the past three years secondary to a chronic superficial Achilles bursitis. The patient had been seen by multiple physicians during this time and had tried various conservative treatment modalities, ranging from physical therapy and antiinflammatories to immobilization with a boot. He was then offered percutaneous bursectomy using a radiofrequency coblation wand under ultrasound guidance followed by a platelet-rich plasma injection. The patient, thereafter, was followed up for one year. At the eight week follow-up, the patient was very pleased to report full resolution of his symptoms. He returned to recreational sports without further reported pain and remained asymptomatic during follow-up at three months and one year after the procedure. This case highlights a novel procedure that has not been previously reported in the literature. It is minimally invasive, carries low risk for complication, requires minimal care on post-procedural follow-up, and does not restrict further surgical resolution if the procedure is unsuccessful.

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